Leo and the four magic rocks

Once there was a family that liked traveling ,the family had two kids Leo and his sister Olivia. This month they were at a house with a river in the back of it. One sunny morning Leo was playing in the river when he fell in a hole.

In the hole he saw cave. He could breath Under water Weird he thought, there were some cool rocks he took four one for his sister one four his dad and one for his mom. When he came out of the cave it was noon. Time must be different in the cave he thought. He went in the house they were staying in, a little house for four people.

When his sister saw him she said “Why are you glowing.” Leo looked at his hands, he was glowing. “Weird” Then he noticed the “Weird” Then he noticed the rocks were glowing to, he dropped the rocks and he stopped glowing. “That’s cool” said Olivia.


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  1. Gramsby says:

    Wow…it’s been a long time since you posted a story! I like how you used aspects of your real travel adventures as an idea for this story. The best writing comes when one uses actual life experiences as inspiration, because it makes the details of the story more realistic – even if the story is fantasy or fiction. I look forward to reading the rest of this story!

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