Chicky going to earth
Chicky with lots of money
magic rock
fin steps in a magic portal

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How to make a mini Lego airplane

Time to start building. First grab a( 2×8 flat) and stick a (2×2 slant ). The put a (2×6 flat) in the middle of the (2×8 flat). then put a (1×8 flat ) behind...


5 Fun Facts About LEGOS

Here are five fun facts about Lego . 1. Almost everyone owns legos That’s crazy 2. There are 400 billion in the world That means 50 legos per person. 3. Seven Lego sets per...


The moon Chicken going to Earth

Chicky was in line to get on a rocket ship. “rocket six” said the pilot of the rocket ship. Chicky got in the rocket ship. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH screamed the rocket. “wow rocket ships are cool”...


The Moon Chicken PART 3

BOOM BOOM!!! Chicky just teleported to the first rock. “Wow this is cool” said Chicky “But this is no the right rock this is going to take for ever” Chicky Teleported over and over...


The Moon Chicken PART 2

The next day Chicky went to Moon Rocket station. He was selling lemonade but he also decided that he would sell ice cream.“Ice cream please “ said mr mouse “10 dollars “ said Chicky...


The Moon Chicken PART 1

Once there was a chicken. He lived on the moon. His name was Chicky. He had been sent on a mission. His mission was to find a special rock. He would get $1,000,000. He...


Stuck in minecraft PART 4:out

Fin was very excited to tell his friends about what he saw. ”hey Steve I saw a portal in the water,” said Fin. “Ok first we will tell everyone,” said Steve ”then we will...


Fin and the Monster

Pictures are from my brothers finley and miles. Oli was stuck in Minecraft helping fin get furniture. Two day earlier ” where are you oli” said oli’s dad ” I am pooping“ said Oli...