The moon Chicken going to Earth

Chicky was in line to get on a rocket ship.

“rocket six” said the pilot of the rocket ship.

Chicky got in the rocket ship.

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH screamed the rocket.

“wow rocket ships are cool” said Chicky

A day later.

“you have arrived” said a pilot

Chicky got off the rocket

“WOW!!!” said Chicky excitedly

The first thing Chicky noticed is the he couldn’t jump as high. VROOOOM VROOM went a car.

“ahhhh!!!” screamed Chicky

Chicky was scared because in the moon there was no cars because jumping was more fast. Then Chicky went in a Lego store

” That’s weird ” said Chicky ” tiny people”

“ahhhh ” said Fin” I thought there was only giant people not giant Chickens”

Then a person walked in the shop.

” I’ll buy this Lego person ” said the pilot that like to go to new places

” Ahhhh I’m going to be eaten” said fin

” Hey look there’s a talking Chicken over there” said the pilot that likes to go to new places ” Hello Chicken do you need a home”

” Yes ” Said Chicky.

Then Chicky fin and the pilot went to the pilots home. The Pilots home had a Kitchen two bed rooms one with a bed to sleep and one for Legos and a living room.

“Don’t Put that tiny person in that room” said Chicky

” you mean the Lego person and why not ” said the pilot

” Because he is alive ” said Chicky “He can talk”

” yeah don’t put me in the” Said Fin

” Ok ok ” Said The pilot ” But were are you from Chicken “

” The moon” said Chicky

To BE Continued

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2 Responses

  1. Liuan Huska says:

    Wow, Moon Chicken, you met a lot of new people today! Sounds like you and Fin will be good friends.

  2. Gramsby says:

    I’m glad Chicky had a safe rocket trip back to earth!

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