5 Fun Facts About LEGOS

Here are five fun facts about Lego .

1. Almost everyone owns legos

That’s crazy

2. There are 400 billion in the world

That means 50 legos per person.

3. Seven Lego sets per second are being sold around the world

On Christmas 23 Lego sets per second

4. The word Lego comes from a danish word leg godt wich means play well

that’s cool

5. The worlds biggest Lego tower is 28 meters high.

so high

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  1. Gramsby says:

    Those are cool facts. Another fact that I find amazing is that the first Legos came out in 1958. Your grandpa was only two and I wasn’t even born yet! That’s when you know a toy is great. It lasts through generations and just keeps getting better:)

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