The Moon Chicken PART 1

Once there was a chicken. He lived on the moon.

His name was Chicky. He had been sent on a mission. His mission was to find a special rock. He would get $1,000,000.

He went to a magic shop.

“Hi,” Chicky said. “I’m looking for a magic rock.”

“Sorry, I don’t have a magic rock but I have a magic teleporter that teleports you to rocks,” said the shop owner.

“Ok, I’ll take the teleporter,” sighed Chicky.

“That will be $1000,” said the owner.

“Never mind,” sighed Chicky.

Then Chicky walked away sadly. Then he went to his house.

“ I know! I know!” he said happily. “I will sell lemonade. Maybe I will get $100,” he screamed.
He went to Moon market.

”Hi I would like 10 lemons,” Chicky said.

“Fifteen dollars,” said the person at the shop.

“Ok,” said Chicky. “Here’s the money. Bye.”

Chicky went back to his house and made his lemonade.

“Lemonade! Lemonade!” shouted Chicky.

“Hi,” said Mr. Cow. “I would like a lemonade.”

“Ok,” said Chicky. “Two dollars.”

“Thanks,” said Mr. Cow. “Here, take this extra dollar. It’s really good.”

“Yes! Three dollars,” said Chicky.
It had been five days and Chicky had 499 dollars.

This is going to take for ever, thought Chicky.

BOOM!!! A meteor hit the moon. It was too dusty for Chicky to be outside. So he went into his house.

When he was in the house he searched the best place in Moon City to make a lemonade stand. Googlemoon said that Moon Rocket Station was the best place he decided that he would set up his lemonade stand there. It was getting dark so Chicky went to sleep.

To Be Continued

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2 Responses

  1. Liuan Huska says:

    Moon Chicken, don’t give up on making money through lemonade! If you made about $500 in 5 days and you need $1000 for the teleporter then it will only take 5 more days!

  2. Gramsby says:

    Hmmmm. I wonder if the meteor that hit the moon and shook everything up will expose the magic rock that Chicky is looking for. I hope he is able to complete his mission and get all of that money. If he does find the magic rock, I wonder what he will do with all of that money.

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