The Moon Chicken PART 2

The next day Chicky went to Moon Rocket station.

He was selling lemonade but he also decided that he would sell ice cream.
“Ice cream please “ said mr mouse

“10 dollars “ said Chicky

”here “ said mouse

“Thanks mouse” said Chicky

Two hours later Chicky has 749 dollars. I’m almost there only 251 more dollars.

It was almost lunchtime so Chicky went to moon hamburgers and bought a hamburger it wasted 30 dollars now Chicky has 719 dollars left. He went back to his stand and ate some of his ice cream

“Hmmmm” said Chick “this ice cream is good”

“Hi” said a rocket driver “I would like two lemonades”

“Ok” said Chicky “here bye”

“Oh no I’m out of lemonade” said Chicky “time to go to the store to get more lemons”

Chicky Walk to the store.

“ Hi what are you looking for” said the shop owner

“I’m looking for 20 lemons”

“Here you go “ said the owner “15 dollars please”

Chicky went back to the stand now I have more lemonade maybe I have enough lemonade

At the end of the day Chicky had enough money to buy the teleporter but the owner of the magic shop was all ready asleep so Chicky went to sleep to.

The next day Chicky went to the magic shop

”hi how are you mr magic “ said Chicky “I’m here for the teleporter

“Ok here you go” said mr magic “thanks for the money”

Chicky about to hop in

Then chicky went to his home and hoped in the teleporter.

To Be Continued

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3 Responses

  1. Gramsby says:

    I’m glad I don’t live on the moon. Food is so expensive there!

  2. Gramsby says:

    Oh. I see. Then it’s not so bad 🙂

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