Stuck in minecraft PART 4:out

Fin was very excited to tell his friends about what he saw.
”hey Steve I saw a portal in the water,” said Fin.
“Ok first we will tell everyone,” said Steve ”then we will go back lego earth,”.

Then Fin and Steve went to tell everyone about the portal. When they were done telling everyone in the minecraft they went back to the lake.
“Where is the portal” said Fin “it disappeared “

“Well lets make a new one” sighed Steve .

When they were done building it was night so the went to sleep. When it was morning again they all met up at Steve’s house.

”It’s time to go into the portal we will all have a weapon in case. They all went to the portal Fin was the first one to go in.
When he went in he heard noise then he was back in earth.

Fin stepping into the portal

When he went in he heard noise then he was back in earth.


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  1. Gramsby says:

    Goodness. It seems like forever since the last episode! I was happy to see you are writing again and happy to read the new installment. Where did you get the Legos to illustrate your story? Do you have some with you?

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