Fin Stuck in Minecraft PART 3: Meeting Oli

Fin, Steve and Farto were going to Oli to get furniture. It was a one hour walk. When Fin and his new friends were at Oli’s house, they saw that he was making beds, chests and two books.

“Hey Oli, I need a bed, crafting table, chest and a book shelf for my friend.” said Farto

“Ok.” said Oli

After Fin got his furniture they walked back to Fin’s house they put the furniture in the house.

Steve had said there was a nice lake that he could swim in. So later that afternoon Fin went to swim in the lake. Then he found a nice sunny spot and put his bed down so he cold take a nap.

Then Fin found something that was glowing and right next to it was a sign that said Learth which is Lego earth. Fin was so exited. Fin went to tell his friends.


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  1. Gramsby says:

    I can’t wait to read what happens next! Very interesting:)

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