Fin Stuck in Minecraft PART 1

Fin was playing Minecraft on his tablet. Then his tablet made a magical sound, and then the world was turning square. “OH NO!!!” said Fin. “I’m stuck in Minecraft.”

He decided to see if there were any other people that were stuck in Minecraft. But first he had to make a house because it was turning dark. When it was morning, he went to find other people. Two hours later, he found a person.

“What is your name?” said Fin.

“My name is Steve. What’s your name?” said the person.

“My name is Fin. I need help to get out of here,” said Fin in a panicked voice.

“Sorry, I can’t help you get out, but you can live with me in my house,” said Steve.

“Ok,” sighed Fin. Then Fin and Steve went to Steve’s house. Steve’s house was nice, but the only thing Fin didn’t like about it was that it was all square.

It had been a week. Fin was missing home. Steve said Fin should make his own house so he did.


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