Fin vs Minecraft

Fin just finished fighting Pokémon when he heard a big BOOOM!!! All the sudden a portal opened in the city Minecraft came out of the portal

“Oh no!” said Fin. “This is our world! Get out” said the Minecraft people “No we will not get out. this is our world. but you can live with us” said Fin. “okay,” sighed the Minecraft people, “we will live with you”. The Minecraft people liked the real world better then the Minecraft world


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  1. Gramsby says:

    Wow! That’s very creative. It’s interesting to think of what it might be like to just magically step into another world totally different than ours. I think it would be scary, but maybe if the people were nice like your hero, Fin, it wouldn’t be too scary. Did you ever read the book or see the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”? In that story, the kids step through the back of a wardrobe (which is a big piece of furniture that is used as a closet), and they enter a whole new world. It’s a really good story. I know your dad has read it.

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