Fin vs Pokémon

Fin just got back from the evil big foot when he heard a big BOOOM! It sounded like a fire so he went to investigate. When he got to were the fire was he saw a house with a man in it

He needed to save the man so he went in the house. When he got out of the house he saw a fire type Pokémon

“RUN!!! Charmander!” said Fin . There were Pokémon all over the city. They were destroying the city. There were water type Pokémon, fire type, dragon type and all the other types of Pokémon. Fin had an idea. He went to the woods and into the evil big foot’s place and yelled “evil big foot! there are Pokémon in the city and Pokémon taste good in soup .” Then the evil big foot went into the city and took Pokémon one by one and put them in his soup.

Soon the city had no more Pokémon and the evil big foot wasn’t evil any more. But the evil big foot name was still the same.


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2 Responses

  1. Gramsby says:

    Fin is one smart character! He convinced the Evil Big Foot to do a good deed that the Evil Big Foot would actually not mind doing, and in the process, he saved the city and made the Evil Big Foot a better guy. That was a big accomplishment 🙂 I hope there will be more Fin stories that you will be able to post when you are away on your trip. I would hate to have to wait two years for another episode!

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